The negative impacts of climate change-induced weather extremes are particularly felt in cities. High degrees of land sealing and building densities exacerbate the risk of flooding due to heavy rainfall and the formation of summer heat islands.

The AMAREX (an acronym for the German translation of "adaptation of stormwater management to extreme events") project is investigating ways to adapt stormwater management to the increasing extreme stresses of heavy rainfall and drought as a key contribution to climate impact adaptation. In addition, the impaired urban water balance is reviewed as a key assessment indicator for water extremes. The three-year project has been running since February 2022.


AMAREX is divided into the following five work packages (WP):

WP 1:
Communal Anchor
WP 2:
Pluvial Flood Prevention
WP 3:
Drought Prevention
WP 4:
Reduction and Climate Impacts
WP 5:
Socio-Economic Assessment


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BGI+ and BGI-U profiles published in the draft version

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ABIMO Core Successfully Decoupled!

In our new version ABIMO 3.3 we have exposed the core of the water balance calculation and decoupled it from the user interface. Now the Microsoft Windows command line replaces the graphical user interface.

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AMAREX project to adapt ABIMO

The city of Berlin released the source code of the Berlin version of ABIMO ! This means that not only can every single step of the water balance calculation now be reproduced, but it also opens the door to the further development of ABIMO and water balance research. The AMAREX project team at KWB has already started working on this.

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